Women's Ministry

Women come together to build and nurture authentic relationships with one another, celebrate breakthrough in the lives of one another, encourage and urge one another to discover and exercise their gifts for the edification of one another and to grow in their walks as Disciples of Christ.

We believe that when we commit to these goals, every time we come together and/or interact with one another is an opportunity for God to shape us, mold us, prune us and grow us into more effective Christian women

Our gatherings are scheduled approximately six times per year usually every other month either on a Friday night or Saturday morning starting in February of each year; February, April, June, August, October and December. The locations for our gatherings vary, from the Main Church Sanctuary to a park, an event/retreat center or even a member’s back yard because we seek to meet where we can best connect with God and with each other.

We know that walking in this vision means that we must participate, cooperate, put in the work that is required and invite God to transform our lives that we may cultivate healthier relationships. We spend time together as women of God, but we are not just showing up, we are growing up and we have an awesome time doing it.

Ladies, you don’t need to be a member of our church or any other church to attend. We reach out to and cordially invite any woman who is interested in connecting with other women and growing in God to join us. You are welcome!

Summer Class: